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C.W. Golf Architecture offers a wide-range of comprehensive design services including new course design, master planning and improvements of existing golf facilities, project and construction management. We take great pride in the quality of our work, our passion for the details, and our dedication to proactively collaborating and communicating with our clients throughout the entire design process.

New Golf Course Design

C.W. Golf Architecture specializes in developing award-winning golf course designs for resorts, residential communities, and public and private golf facilities.

We begin this creative journey by developing a unified vision with our clients through our proven immersive process. This includes open dialogue early on, listening to the needs and objectives of all stakeholders, studying and understanding the property and its unique attributes, and becoming familiar with who will use the facility. In the end, we believe that the design and finished product needs to evoke a “sense of place” – one that exudes unique character of the property and ties-in harmoniously with its surroundings from an aesthetic and environmental perspective.

As the project evolves, we prepare the necessary conceptual plans and cost estimates, detailed construction drawings and specifications, and personally assist with exeucting the course design and managing the construction phase.

Our goal is to be your partner every step of the way; to create a dynamic and sustainable golf course that will provide golfers of all abilities with an enjoyable and memorable experience for the foreseeable future.


Master Planning &

Golf Course Renovation

The master plan is an invaluable tool that defines a vision for improvement as well as communicating with the course leadership, users, and membership regarding the needs for course enhancements.

C.W. Golf Architecture is passionate about master planning and course improvement work and believes that it’s critically important to the evolution of the golf course facility and their continued relevance from a competitive business perspective.

A Holistic Approach…

The process to develop a master plan for course improvements and to renovate an existing golf facility requires collaboration and communication at the onset with existing stakeholders and users of the facility. The most important aspect of this work is to listen and to align the recommendations and improvements with the club/facility’s overall strategic plan and its position within the marketplace.

The first step in our proven process is to understand and define the mission, purpose, and general goals for the development of the master plan. This foundation is our roadmap that helps guide the evolution of the master plan from concept to completion.

We continue with a thorough review of the golf course to analyze the existing conditions and study the course’s architecture, aesthetics, shot values, playability, and functionality. This comprehensive course evaluation includes tees, bunkers, greens, fairways, trees/vegetation, soil, water features, circulation systems, and drainage. Conceptual design ideas and general thoughts for the enhancement of the golf facility are determined as the course is analyzed.

Once we have a thorough understanding of the golf facility, we develop the preliminary plans to outline our recommendations for improvements which are presented to the key stakeholders for review and approval. It is of the utmost importance that we have unity and alignment with the recommendations and the overall direction of the proposed course improvements.

The final step of the master planning process is to develop the detailed drawings that outline the recommendations and to prepare cost estimates that outline the investment required to implement the improvements. Once the master plan is completed, we work with you to help sell the plan to the users and membership and to move it from concept to implementation. Some courses choose to do this at once (within one season) and some phase the work in over-time as resources are available.

Our goal is to assist with all aspects of the construction work and to manage every detail, every step of the way.

Key benefits of developing a master plan for an existing golf facility:

  • Provides the course and club with a vision for the future
  • Assists in prioritizing the needs and capital improvements to the golf facility
  • Delivers a comprehensive plan to restore or improve the architecture
  • Protects the value of the investment
  • Provides a consistent, unified direction to the leaders of the course and club
  • Communicates the needs and future vision of the course to its leaders and members
  • Helps retain and/or attract new golfers and members – a valuable marketing tool
  • Enhances the course and club’s status within the marketplace

Practice Facility Design

With the number of golf rounds on the rise, the importance of creating a practice facility that provides players with the opportunity to learn the game and develop the necessary skills to gain confidence on the course has never been more important. From beginners to the most seasoned players, most golfers strive to improve their skills and need a designated area for practicing.

We believe the best golf practice facilities provide players with an opportunity to learn the game from the green back to the tee. The development of hand-eye coordination and the skills needed to putt and execute the short game should begin at the green. The most effective practice facilities should provide putting greens, designated areas to practice chipping and pitching (short game complex) and a driving range for iron and metal play. Each of these facilities need to be planned properly with ample space to effectively practice in a safe and comfortable environment.

Similar to the master planning process, we work closely with our clients…the course users, membership, and the golf professional to listen to their needs prior to plan creation. Whether it’s designing an all-new, state-of-the-art short game complex or recommending specific enhancements to existing practice areas, C.W. Golf Architecture will have the recommendations you need to improve your facility.


Site Evaluations & Consulting

There are times when a public or private facility is ready for course enhancements but they may not be sure where to start…

For that reason, we offer one-day consultation site visits to existing golf facilities to provide a fresh set of eyes, and general insight on the direction and “big picture” needs of the facility. These evaluations include meeting with the key stakeholders to understand their perspective of the current facility and operation and walking each hole together to develop high-level thoughts and ideas for course enhancements.

The visit is summarized with a written report to outline the general course of action. In most instances, a one-day site evaluation lays the foundation for developing a master plan and working together to improve the facility.

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